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Behind Blue Eyes

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Zack/Cloud is Epic Love
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Final Fantasy VII - Zack/Cloud fans

Behind Blue Eyes ...
Welcome to ffvii_clack, aka, another Zack/Cloud community, because these two can't get enough love. ♥

Zack/Cloud = 'Clack': I like to remember it as the sound their bed frame makes against the wall every night. - ninja_egg
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- Numero uno: Don't be afraid to introduce yourself! Make a post, oh awesome Zack/Cloud fan! We'd love to get to know our members, and I'm sure other members would love to know you too. So don't be afraid to make an intro post telling us about yourself and why you are a fan of the Epic Love Story of Zack and Cloud. :3

- Should be obvious, but only Zack/Cloud, Zack, or Cloud-related stuff should go in here.

- No arguing, please. ♥ I mean, we're all Clack lovers here, right?

- Media (fanfics, art, icons, etc.) should go under a LJ cut. If you don't know how to do one, please look here, or you can ask and I'm sure someone will be happy to help you. ^^
Also, please try to use tags when posting icons, fanfic, etc, so others can easily dig up old entries!

- Please mark all spoilers accordingly! Yes, I do realize that most of us know what happens during the ending, but not everyone has seen it and I'm sure not everyone here has gotten through the game itself. Spoiler warnings should be given until further notice.

- Fake cuts are acceptable; just make sure you don't fake cut to somewhere off of LJ.

- And on the media note, there is a good chance that some of this stuff will be rated M or NC-17. Please proceed with caution if you're iffy about that, and be sure to label your works properly!

- Advertising RP's or other communities is fine as long as it's Final Fantasy related; just place it under a cut.

- If you're looking for something specific (fanfiction, icons, whatever), please visit our Memories section. :D

- Post tags are here. :)
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If you'd like to become an affiliate, please drop a comment over at this post. Thank you!
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